another earth

Finally got to see Another Earth.  It’s about another Earth that suddenly shows up in, what’s dubbed, Earth 1’s sky.  Rhoda’s a bright young mind that does something reckless.  It’s revealed to you in the trailer, if you haven’t seen it.  And Rhoda goes on living this guilt over her head, but the appearance of this other Earth give her a glimmer of hope.

The good: I love this concept.  It takes something very sci-fi-esque as the backdrop and injects the human emotion(s) and struggle of life in to the heart of the film.  Brit Marling wrote and stars in this movie.  The story just pulls me in, what would anyone of us do if there was a duplicate Earth that suddenly appeared.  I love the part where SETI contacts the other Earth, and the same person is contacting that Earth.  It both makes sense and is chilling at the same time.

Another Earth reminds me a lot of Contact.  There’s a privately funded flight to go out and make contact, there’s a female lead, and there’s mystery.  At one point they even mention Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, wonderful reference.

The bad: the camera work, I don’t like this shaky quality.  I get it, it’s supposed to be documentary style to emphasis that it’s real, but it’s not needed.  Another thing to pick with this movie… the trailer.  The trailer gives way too much away.  Bad marketing! Bad marketing… bad…

Overall a great small movie.  Made me think and feel.  But sadly people will miss this one in the theatre, it came and went.  If you like slower paced movies that take their time and make you really think, check this one out when you can.

*SPOILERS – The ending is very very ambiguous, and after letting it simmer, I really like the ending.  Its one that makes you think, because Rhoda gives her ticket to the other Earth to the man whose life she ruined (by killing his family in a drunk driving accident), so he goes off in the shuttle, and then she comes home to see another Rhoda… does that mean that the other Earth version of her made the same mistake and wanted to go to an Earth where that mistake wasn’t made?  Or did she do something far worse?  The possibilities…


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