attack the block

Saw Attack The Block.  It’s about an alien invasion that takes place in south London on a fireworks night called bonfire night.  A group of wanna be gangsters encounter these aliens and defend their block from said aliens.  “Inner City versus Outer Space,” luv it.  Simple enough right?

The good; the kids, they’re great.  Much like Super 8 the kids here are amazing.  They each play their perspective roles in the team that they’ve assembled.  Each playing the stereotypical roles; leader, fire guy, nerd… and so on.  That’s exactly what we want, and unlike Super 8 we get it in a more organic nature.  Nick Frost also appears in the movie, but you almost don’t need him, the kids really do carry this movie, and aren’t side-tracked by the aliens or an adult sub-plot.

Another good thing in this movie are the aliens.  They’re gorilla-dog things, I was thoroughly impressed by the special effects on these creatures.  They were dark shadows with teeth, nothing more.  I know they’re guys in suits, but they were blacker than black, just a shadow with these illuminated teeth.  Completely terrifying, and I loved it.

The bad; it’s R-rated, it may have been ok if it were PG-13.  I mean, it’s a movie about kids, but kids aren’t going to be able to see this.  So it’s a good and a bad thing.  The plot with why the aliens are invading is also very simple, and explained too quickly, could’ve used a little more with that bit, but I was ok with it.  At least it was a shapeshifting cube spaceship…

In short, go check this out.  The R-Rating keeps it real, and terrifying with the gore, but at the same time humorous.  Job well done, I hope that this’ll get more play time in the States.

I’ve been wanting something more with movies revolving around kids but not being kiddy, much like those 80s films (The Wizard, The Explorers, Monster Squad), and it takes a movie from the UK to deliver… interesting.

*Spoiler* There’s also a great organic reversal with the main character and his morals, I really appreciated that.


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