the nocturnal events of 03-july-2011

Over the weekend I dreamt that we were watching movie, but at the same time I’m seeing this through the POV of one of the characters in the movie.  There’s a group of people hiding out from the cops, I get the sense that they’re not bad guys, but they’re perceived as criminals but are running from crooked cops, and that’s why they’re on the run from the authorities.  They get off the main street and head toward this old style house, almost like a cottage, with white trim.  But it’s also part of a larger house, so this cottage could be the guest house.  What’s weird is that this place is in the middle of like Main Street USA, there’s a busy street to the left of the place and then nothing, just dirt, no lawn or fence or plant life, just nothing till you get to the house.  When they reach the cottage they have to break in, one of their members is a lock pick, so they enter without too much noise.  In this place there’s a secret back room, which almost looks more like a broom closet, but it’s larger.  They have a kid with them, so I guess that cements it, these guys aren’t all bad.  Just then some cops come around and in one of the cars is the crooked cop, but there are also some unknowing good cops that arrive.  There’s one leave good cop, and he looks like the doctor from Battlestar Galactica.  The people who broke in to the house hide in this secret back room and stay quiet, while the cops search on the outside.  They look in to the windows and knock on the door, but no reply.  While they walk around this cottage I see more of this building.  It’s more like a boom town building, the floor is wood planks raised above the ground and there are supports for the second story balcony.  Looking in to a window there’s a staircase that takes up most of the inside, it’s very odd, like why have a window there at all?

Then the dream switches to a horror movie.  It feels like an 80s horror movie set someplace in Europe.  There’s a group of tourists that have hopped off a bus and are going to check in to their hotel for the evening.  They’re dropped off at a rather old fancy looking fountain, the water isn’t running and doesn’t look like it has for some time.  The color of the stone is yellowish, off white.  Then there are these two large double wooden doors that creak open, and the bell hop directs everyone inside, cause it looks like a thunderstorm is approaching.  Walking in to the double doors the hotel is actually on a cliff that over looks the water or the beach, or something.  Then we get inside and it’s very eerie, dark and dimly lit, the same stones from the fountain were used to make this building.  Wandering around the lobby there’s not much going on, but there’s a sense of doom lurking.  It’s like watching the set up for a slasher movie, kinda like Clue but with out the humor.


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