green lantern

Saw Green Lantern, this is the next DC comics character to be adapted to a live action film, previously we’ve only had Superman and Batman.  Green Lantern is about Hal Jordan, the first human member inducted in to the Green Lantern Corps, this movie is his origin.

The good; the special effects, they weren’t as bad as the trailers made it out to be, or the fact that the studio put more money in to the special effects later in the game.  Which brings me to the GL uniform, not as bad as it looked on trailers.

Blake Lively as Carol Ferris was nearly absent from all trailers and or tv spots, this lead me to believe that they were hiding the bad job she did, but she actually did a good job.

The Corps, the supporting characters, they got them done.  They behaved just like the comics, these characters are comprised of; Sinestro, Abin Sur, Tomar Re, Kilowag, the Guardians and Bzzzzz.  Sinestro is played by Mark Strong and he’s great, he’s the tough lead lantern that’s skeptical in Hal, but with a name like that… (watch the credits), Kilowag is the drill sergeant that we all want him to be, and Tomar Re is the first to greet Hal on his visit to Oa (planet of the Green Lanterns).  Also having Tomar Re voiced by Geoffrey Rush is perfect, what’s even better is having him give us the opening narration.

The bad; the special effects, I know I mentioned this above as the good, let me explain.  The uniform is cg… it’s worse than having Hal Jordan completely naked, but apparently that works for Abin Sur.  Superheroes wear spandex, why not just give Ryan Reynolds spandex?  Instead we see his green muscle sinew.  I know, I know, the ladies want to see his abs, well you do, and they’re not green, so why?  With all the animated incarnations of Hal Jordan lately they’ve done away with the white gloves, but they’ve added an armor aspect to his uniform, larger shoulder pads and chest plates… so why not that way with live action?  I don’t want to see his toes.
Everyone else’s uniform was just too busy, it’s almost like the original Tron, circuits and electric pulses flowing throughout their nubile bodies, but green.

The first time Hal does something Green Lantern-y in front of a large crowd, thereby saving the day (in this case night), I didn’t feel anything.  That scene should’ve had some impact to me as a viewer, I talked to others about this and the concur, so I’m not being too harsh on that front.

This sentiment was very prevalent throughout the rest of the movie, and it’s my biggest complaint.  I know the character of Hal Jordan very well, I know what he would do and how he would do it, but again, like many movies prior to this one, things are just going through the motions and there’s too much story crammed into one movie.  The focus of the story should’ve been Hal overcoming fear, not telling us he’s overcoming fear, when he recites the famous oath to save the day, it felt obligated and forced, like a six year old’s apology.

One too many bad guys for the first time at the plate.  Amanda Waller, Carl Ferris, Hector Hammond, Sinestro, Parallax… You either have Hector Hammond as the villain, or you have Parallax as the villain, to somehow connect these two together… it seemed rushed and forced.

One more bad, Parallax is a huge amorphous yellow cloud, I’m tired of smoke monsters being our… well… monsters.  That’s not what Parallax is.  On scales previously imagined we got Galactus – cloud, Lost – smoke cloud… those are the two that come to mind, can I say no thanks?

So in short, Green Lantern is a rental.  The next DC superhero to break out on the silver (age) screen should’ve been The Flash, Ryan Reynolds would’ve made a great Wally and or Barry.  Reynolds doesn’t look like Hal Jordan.  Green Lantern tries to fit two gallons into a sippie cup, another superhero flick that just goes through the motions instead of the motivations and character. The film was too distant, bring me in, make me care.



  1. “2 gallons crammed into a sippie cup”—I love that line. Well written review. I wasn’t planning to watch it. I don’t have much time for movie-going and this one didn’t grab me. I will probably dvd, if at all.

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