mr. popper’s penguins

Saw Mr. Popper’s Penguins for lunch. It’s about Tom Popper (Jim Carrey) who’s life revolves around his job, something in real estate, and neglects his family. His now deceased father leaves him some penguins. Whacky-ness ensues and lessons are learned. A formula for a family comedy flick. *Mild-spoilers ahead*

The good; it’s Jim Carrey, he’s been absent from movies for a while, his last movie being the animated Christmas Carol. Ok, so he’s made about one movie a year, but that’s very light compared to what used to do. Jim Carrey looks older,maybe in his older age he’s managed to balance the slap sticky comedy with his dramatic side. It’s nice to see him back.

The story’s pretty good, better than I had expected, Popper’s character arc is very clear and it’s a journey worth taking. He goes from being completely business minded; in the fact that he’s divorced, and he’s almost estranged from his two kids, so his career is all that he’s got. So from being business minded to family oriented. The penguins in his life manage to melt his frozen heart, see the irony? People eat that crap up.

There are some nice tender moments throughout the movie, there’s a lot of humor to be had, and Angela Lansbury shows up.

The bad; we have Carla Gugino playing his wife, and his two kids do a great job as well. Wait a moment… does this sound familiar to anyone else? Ben Stiller – father, Carla Gugino – female, divorced, kids… whacky-ness… it’s the Night at The Museum formula. I guess if it works it works right? Nothing too original here, granted that it’s an adaptation of a children’s/young readers’ book. So I can’t complain too much.

Keeping in mind that this is a kid’s movie, my praise may seem too high, but I know what I’m getting in to. Overall, good family friendly movie to take the young ones to. It’s nice to see Jim Carrey in something again. This may be premature… but it might beat out Green Lantern this week, or at least be very close.


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