green lantern: emerald knights revisited

This is in continuation with my earlier post.  I watched Green Lantern: Emerald Knights.  It’s basically about Hal taking Arisia under his wing and telling her about certain Green Lantern Corps members.

The good; as always with these DC animated straight to DVD movies, the animation is top notch.  It looks great, the music sounds great, and the sound design is great.  It’s wonderful hearing the shimmer of a ring discharging, haven’t heard that since JLU.  And then some times the ring’s lazer blast is the Exo Squad lazer sound effect, nice to hear that again as well.

On to the story, it’s like Batman: Gotham Knight, a bunch of short stories woven together.  But this time with the Green Lanterns, the stories are woven together with an overarching story.  It’s very nicely done.  We even get a semi-origin story with who the first four ring bearers were, it’s very reminiscent of the Animatrix, in particular the Second Renaissance stories.  The other stories are also familiar with those who have some knowledge of the Green Lantern comics past and present.

Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan is great, I hope that they do more with him as the ring slinger.

The bad; no white gloves, hahaha, I know that’s me nitpicking.  Another negative could be, it’s too short, give me more.  Makes me wonder why they didn’t do the Alan Moore story of why Abin Sur uses a spaceship?

Overall, this collection of animated shorts might be better than the live action movie, I pray that I will be wrong on this.  The verdict will be rendered this weekend as the Green Lantern movie premieres.



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