last days of may = LA screenings (picture heavy)

I had that dream again, my dad’s old Firebird is up and running, but this time my brother is the one driving it.  It’s a sunny day and I’m at Ellison’s house, Elbert comes over to pick me up and he pulls up in the Firebird.  I want to drive it, but before that happens, I wake up.

I’ve been gone a while, it’s because LA Screenings time was upon us.  Which means most of my time was taken up preparing, but this year was sorta different.  I also spent it hanging out with Steph, making the most out of her trip to LA, and then I was spending my time fixing someone else’s mistake(s).  But it was still fun, if it weren’t for meeting our international counterparts I don’t think it would’ve been that fun.  It’s a shame that most of Steph, Paul and Jude’s time in LA was spent mostly for work.  They were flown out to LA on the company’s dime, fine, but not all their time should be devoted to all things work.  When they’re across the sea they don’t work twenty four hour days, so why should they have twenty four hour days here?

When we finally took Steph out to see the sights she enjoyed it, we went to McDonald’s, haha.  Then the second week of LA Screenings she took her vacation, good for her.  Last Thursday was the Fox party, probably the most fun I’ve had at a Fox party.  There was more talent that came and Steph was star struck, snapping pictures with actors left and right.  Here’s some pictures from that night;

me and Steph, from Australia, on her first day in the office

On the steps of the apartment for How I Met Your Mother

Danny DeVito

Jon Heder from Napoleon Dynamite

Dot Jones from Glee

David Boreanaz from Bones, but I talked to him about voice Hal Jordan from New Frontier

Iqbal Theba from Glee

Diedrich Bader

We’re talking about Batman Brave and the Bold

Krysten Ritter from Apartment 23, and She’s Out of My League

Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family

I’m looking at the wrong camera in both pictures

James Van Der Beek from Apartment 23 and Dawson’s Creek

Michael Clark Duncan

Laura Benanti from Playboy Club

Amber Heard from Playboy Club


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