the end of april + water for elephants

This weekend we learned that President Obama got to report of US forces killing Osama Bin Laden, instead of Bush and his “infamous mission accomplished” tag line.

Also, this weekend felt like summer, despite all the high winds blowing.  Here are some pictures from lunch Saturday at Larchmont.

Thanks Adam, for making me look like a GQ model…

Finally got to see Water For Elephants.  It’s based on a book, and here’s the skinny of what the movie is about; a guy goes to college at Cornell to become a veterinarian, before finishing his parents suddenly die in a car accident.  It’s during the depression, so the bank has to take everything.  Left with no home and no where to go, Robert Pattinson jumps on a train, this train happens to be carrying a circus.  He learns about the workings and innards of a working circus, he meets Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz.  While learning about the circus he then finds his place in this new world.

The good; the feel is just wonderful.  It’s a period piece and the feel is also period, there’s a sense of uncertainty, uncertainty of where the next meal will come from, stuff like that.  Everyone in the circus is a character, but it fits because it is a circus.  Francis Lawrence directs this movie, and it’s different from his previous stuff, being; Constantine and I Am Legend.  So it’s nice to see him try something new.  The chemistry between Pattinson and Witherspoon is not bad, I was able to check my Twilight feelings at the door.

Aside from the believability that we’ve somehow traveled back in time, I thoroughly enjoyed Christoph Waltz as August, the ringleader of the circus.  This movie does a great job of creating a bad guy.  August as the villain in this movie is just rotten, and he brings people down with him.  In an era where everything in muted by shades of grey, it was refreshing to have a villain that was truly evil at his core and when he gets his comeuppance… the audience clapped (much like the reception of Bin Laden’s comfirmed kill).

Tangent – that’s why I like comic books, the heroes are dressed in bright tights and the villains are the opposite colors.  The line between good and evil is simple.  Unlike what happened to Darth Vader.  Vader was the ultimate baddy of all bad guys.  Then we learn that Vader is name, “Anakin… and I’m a person.”  In Vader’s case, we don’t want that, we want to hate our bad guys, and we want to see them get their just desserts. – end Tangent

The bad; there’s quite the cast of circus people, we hardly get to know any of them.  Or why we need them?  I know it sounds like I’m contradicting myself.  But the other cast members almost seem useless.  I wanted more from the mentor character, named Camel.  It just felt like a missed opportunity.  Can’t really complain much, but one thing… the title of the movie.  It’s called Water For Elephants, there was no urgency that the Elephant was lacking water, or anything like that.  That could’ve been played up more.

Overall, very enjoyable.  I like the slower pace of this movie, and that it’s more character driven, with the three main leads.  This movie does something that seems to be the in thing to do nowadays.  It starts in the story’s future, with Pattinson’s character being an old man telling us the story.  There’s no guessing about who he is, so that took away from all the danger that his character had to go through.  Life or death situations always meant life, because the old man is telling the story, so we know that he lives.  But it’s Hal Holbrook, so I don’t mind as much, he can be doing anything and he’ll act the crap out of it.

On a weekend where Fast Five makes $84+ million… good movies like Water For Elephants will get buried.  So if you don’t like good things, or movies that have heart, and you just want spectacle and good looking people doing good looking things, then by all means skip Water For Elephants, check your brain at the door and fill it with pop corn and the subwhoofer.

One more thing, the poster for the movie (below) is nice right?  But taken in the context of the movie… so sad…


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  1. I can’t believe you still have your xanga….well, technically i still have mine too, but I can’t believe you still use yours..

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