Then I also saw Monsters.  Much like It’s Kind of A Funny Story, the Monsters trailer had me intrigued, but then it came and went in the theatres.

It’s about a guy and a girl, shocking… , who are trying to get back to the United States, but along the way, they have to cross the US/Mexico border.  Only in this world, that area is infected, with alien life forms, it’s almost a war zone.  Simple huh… dun dun dnnnnn

The good; very intriguing plot, which had me hook line and sinker.  Six years earlier, a NASA probe crash lands in northern Mexico.  It brings alien life forms to earth, these things are huge and dangerous, so that region of the country is now like a war zone, fighter jets and bomber conduct sorties and the population is like a displaced refugee state.  Tickets and routes out of the area are expensive.   Whitney Able and Scoot McNairy are the guy and girl trying to get out.  McNairy plays Kaulder who’s trying to get Samantha over to the US.  And it’s nice that Kaulder isn’t some hired mercenary, he’s actually taking pictures of this region of the world.

The mood in this movie is great, we hardly see the creatures, but we’re kept guessing if they’re around every corner.  The set design is also superb, they took great care and detail in putting put road signs of the danger zones and where you should put on gas masks.  Stuff like that reminded me a lot of District 9.

The bad; Samantha is way too hot, I get it, she’s the daughter of some rich guy, so that’s pass-able, but Kaulder is hardly the body guard type.  And they have to buy their way across the country, with less than savory guerrilla types.  In what world can one guy take safe passage with her?  Those other gun-totting types would’ve killed him right away, taken their money and then her.  What does that say about me?  Am I prone to violent acts of that nature?  Am I desensitized?  Or am I just realistic about the way the world works?  If I were Kaulder and that happened to me I’d run for my life and blow my rape whistle.

In short, definitely worth the rental, don’t expect too much, the movie was directed by Gareth Edwards, who’s mainly done visual effects.  So for his first time out, not bad sir, not bad at all.


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