it’s kind of a funny story

I recently saw It’s Kind Of A Funny Story.  It’s about a boy named Craig, how he suffers from depression and suicidal thoughts.  He then checks himself in to a hospital and meets a bunch of characters.

The good; it’s got Zach Galifinakis, I’ve been a fan of his for a while, even before The Hangover.  Zach is a patient at the ward and his humor fits the story, so while we’re watching we’re not waiting for him to be funny, the situation just calls for it.  Unlike other comedians in movies, where you just wait for them to do their one joke and that’s really it.  What’s also great about having Zach is that the other cast members are equally as funny, but they aren’t over used, their moments in the movie are just right.  After The Hangover and Due Date, I hope Galifinakis keeps rolling with the good choices, please say “no” to G-Force, pleaseeeeee.

Ok, other than the old sea boat Captain, or fat Jesus, the rest of the cast is great.  We have a young Emma Roberts playing the emo love interest, also in the ward.  Keir Gilchrist plays the protagonist Craig (wow, what a name… Gil-Christ).  And then his parents are played by another one of my favorite comedians, Jim Gaffigan and Lauren Graham.  His parents are hardly in it, but yeah, those are people you may have noticed somewhere on some channel sometime.

On to the story.  Lately I’ve been analyzing the shows and movies that I like, and what It’s Kind Of A Funny Story accomplishes stays true to what I’ve found about myself, no I don’t like mental patients, or suicides, or teenage depression, or wrist scars from aforementioned suicide (attempts)… but it does have vomit.  And it also has the humor carefully balanced with drama along the plot of the film.  There’s all these patients that Craig meets in the ward and they’re funny HAH HAH, which is what we need when we meet them, they’ve got their quirks and their idiosyncrasies… but then we get to know them, why they’re in the ward and all that baggage.  Love it, absolutely love it, it’s like a punch in the gut as you’re walking down a dark alley.  We all know we shouldn’t take this route and that it more than likely is filled with danger, urine, feces, homeless people, and gang bangers… but we want to get home in the shortest time possible to catch this week’s episode of Glee – although it was a re-run last night, but still.  I love the balance of the dark and light that goes on in this film.

The bad; who saw this movie?  I know I didn’t see it in the theatre, although I wanted to.  Also… is Emma Roberts too pretty to be in a mental ward?  What does she have to depressed about?  Let alone depressed enough that she would want to slit her own wrists of mangle her marble like skin???  really?  I find it hard to believe that she would have something to genuinely be depressed about.  But hey, her aunt is Julia Roberts, I guess Emma can act in anything she wants to right?

So in short, check this movie out.  I know I will be buying it, once my car is fixed and stops needing repairs.


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