22-mar-2011 or… the time i thought i had this dream

Last night I dreamt that I had just had a movie night.  Everyone is dispersing, we’re all going to get dessert, probably yogurt.  And the house that I’m in is more old fashioned.  Like some Victorian era hard wood floor house, these days they’re usually museums or national historical monuments, or… they’re now law offices and other businesses.  They’re hardly lived in these days, or at least the ones I’ve seen in Southern California.  So there I am, cleaning up in the kitchen, mostly in the oven area, due to the frozen pizzas I cooked.  As people exit, I can see through the door and it’s still light outside, and I can also see that we’re on a hill, reminds me of the places in South Park San Diego, more specifically Maurice’s place… I think that’s his name, but from the outside it was street level, but once you entered you were on the top floor.  While I continue cleaning up and greeting people bye, “see ya,” my roommate’s presence is known.  But she’s an elderly woman, she quickly makes it to her room and asks me to slip a note under her door to let her know that everyone’s left.  Very quirky.  I don’t recognize her, but her presence is familiar and non-threatening.

Next thing I know we’re at some mall, so I’m not sure that everyone agreed to meet at this location after dispersing from my place.  We’re inside at the entrance, the glass doors are behind us, and in front of us is a store display, the walls are shiny clean and made of fake marble.  Then i take out my iphone.  The screen is cracked, I try to make it work still and as I press on the screen it flexes down but doesn’t crack.


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