the kids are all right + exit through the gift shop

With the Oscars approaching this weekend, I’ve been trying to watch most of the nominated movies.   I was able to see all the films in the best animated feature film category, and from the best feature film category, The Fighter has yet to be seen.

I was able to see The Kids Are All Right.  It’s about a Lesbian couple raising their kids, their kids are a product of a sperm bank, their daughter Joni wants to meet her biological father.  This modern family becomes even more displaced and dysfunctional.  All this on the eve of their daughter going away to college.

The good; it’s intriguing, I was drawn in by the story, and the quest to find out where we come from.  The acting was decent, and there is a sense of reality when things go wrong.  People have to live with eachother despite wanting to leave, life isn’t like a tv show.

The bad; the acting was decent, I know I put this as a good thing, but some actors were a little more convincing than others.  There’s a ‘plot twist’ that you can see coming from a mile away.  I thought they were going to be clever and fool us by not going that route, but they went for it instead.  Not sure why.

Overall it’s about a brother and a sister who have a mom and a mom… and then have a dad.  Interesting topics were touched upon.  But I can’t say I really care for this movie.  It’ll be forgotten real soon.  And what’s sad is that I really wanted to like this one.


Then up for best documentary film is Exit Through The Gift Shop.  It’s about street artist Banksy and to a greater extend, Mr. Brainwash.  It mainly follows a Frenchman named Thierry and the way he got in good with the tight community of street artists.  Then how Thierry becomes a street artist himself under the name Mr. Brainwash.

The good; it’s very informative.  I only had a notion and casual knowledge of the street artist movement.  Being an outsider, this doc manages to bring me up to speed.  What’s more remarkable is that we’re shown footage from these artists before they hit notoriety.  An example is the Andre the Giant Obey and Obama art.

The bad; the press around this doc, is it a hoax?  Or it is for real?  Going in to in I thought it was about Banksy, but it’s really about Thierry.  If this doc is a hoax, bravo.

Near the end I couldn’t help but feel bad for Banksy, he let Thierry in to his art and process, then Thierry mass produced this type of art (I remember seeing this billboards for Mr. Brainwash’s gallery in LA, crazy how recent the events are that this doc covers) in an amazingly short amount of time, which to me is counter to what Banksy and Shepard Fairey are trying to accomplish.  It’s as if they were responsible for creating a “monster.”  Then at the very end it gets to another downer, where Shepard talks to the camera with a sense of regret and restrain about his feelings toward Mr. Brainwash, then Banksy comments on how he doesn’t encourage people to make art anymore.  I highly recommend this documentary, whether it be a hoax or not.



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