22-feb-2011 + dexter season 3 + superman new krypton

Last night I dreamt that we were at the Navy Exchange.  It’s much like it was when I grew up, haven’t been back there in years.  We’re in the section where they have the specialty shops, like photos and watches.  There used to be a booth corner place, where collectible cards were sold, but in the dream that’s where I am.  And John’s there selling.  But he’s in a suit and tie.  I can’t make out what he’s selling, but it’s probably his usual stuff that he sells at Frank & Son(s).  That’s about all I can remember.

This weekend was rainy.  Saturday was spent pretty much eating.  After church we went to this Brazilian restaurant, delicious food.  Then made our way to Scoops for dessert.  The rain turn off and on, and especially on when we got in to the car to drive.  We then ended up at Rob’s place in Pasadena, watched The Secret of Kells.

Sunday was Elyzabeth’s art show in Silverlake at The Hive.  Good stuff and nice job.  From there we continued eating, this time we had Pho in Silverlake.

Monday, we worked on Zombie Kittens and then headed to Magic Mountain.

I just finished watching the third season of Dexter.  I thoroughly enjoyed the first two seasons.  I cannot the say the same for this third season.  We get Jimmy Smits in the mix. *Spolier* but he gets involved with Dexter’s hobby, and it’s sort of easy to see where it was going to go from the get go.  Much like Kim Bauer on 24, she was always in the series to get in to trouble.

Now on to the fourth season of Dexter, hope it’s better than the third season, cause there’s nowhere else to go but up on this.


I started re-reading the Superman new Krypton story arc/line/saga.  Much like the Green Lantern Blackest Night story, you can’t read this story numerically.  So I started with Superman Brainiac, then moved on to New Krypton volumes 1 & 2.  Having read these three one right after the other was much more helpful.  What’s disappointing is Geoff Johns involvement, he starts off this story but then leaves in the middle.  Robinson and Gates take over.

The story opens with Clark finding the bottled city of Kandor and his aunt and uncle.  The parents of Supergirl.  Brainiac bottles Metropolis and Superman saves it as well as Kandor, allowing Kandor to materialize in the arctic.  The last son of Krypton isn’t so alone anymore.  Interesting stuff.  While this happens Jonathan Kent dies, Clark can’t hear his Ma’s screams for help because of the enlarging city.  It’s a nice moment, very evocative of the first Superman movie.  The art is also very enjoyable.  Gary Frank manages to emulate a Christopher Reeve, in an almost eerie way.

Where it fails is in volume 1, the story begins with Jimmy Olsen and Jim Harper/The Guardian, it’s setting up the Guardian for his return as well as the Science Police.  I get it that he’s always been a part of Superman, what with Cadmus and the Newsboys Legion, but come on, there’s New Krypton on Earth, that’s a big deal, I don’t want to take a detour in to the set up of something else.  New Krypton doesn’t become a whole planet off Earth until volume 2.  On another note, the way the expanding of Metropolis and Kandor are drawn… isn’t the best.  Even further is the way Kandor becomes the whole planet of new Krypton.  Those panels aren’t exactly clear, you could miss it very quickly on your first read (funny that all of these were written by Johns).  Perhaps more panels would be needed.  This also happens with Brightest Day, the resurrection of Star City was confusing in the way it was drawn/paneled.  Once upon a time, you could read all the Superman trades when they collected the single issues, but now, there’s so much going on.  You can’t just read numerically anymore, you need to take side steps and detours.  Despite my criticisms above, I’m excited to read this whole story and see if the conclusion is worth it.


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