the king’s speech

I watched The King’s Speech.  It’s about Prince Albert before he becomes King George VI.  He enlists the help of Lionel Logue to help him overcome his stammer so he can speak in public.  It sounds like the most boringest thing ever.  But it’s a simple story with complex characters, taken from the pages of the history books.

The good; Helena Bonham Carter plays a normal character, she’s not made up like some goth chick, she’s normal.  Kind of like how Johnny Depp is always a character character and not a normal person.  Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush are great.  They really embody these characters.  Then there’s the execution of the story, anyone can look up the details of what happened, so there’s no surprise of what happens.  So no spoilers here, but the Prince becomes King reluctantly and has to deliver a radio broadcast, over come his stammer and humble himself by asking for help.  The film makes you care, draws you in like you’re there witnessing it for real.  The friendship between the King and Logue is great.

The bad; the subject matter, I don’t think people will actively seek out to watch this film, which is a shame.  Not much to complain about here.

In short, I highly recommend this one.  Simple story, complex characters and beautiful acting.  It’s a period piece and it’s based on historical events, so that’s why it’s nominated for best feature.



  1. I agree. Saw it last night and we loved it!

    Great dialogue. Every other line was witty and/or smart. It’d be a great re-watch.

    Visually great as well. A fine example of how you can make a small(ish) story and make it exciting and interesting.

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