the green hornet + winter’s bone


Late post.  But I saw The Green Hornet in 3D with Damielle and Michael on Sunday.  Seth Rogan’s superhero movie.  The Green Hornet and Kato want people to think they’re part of the bad guys, in order to get to the bad guys.  One’s dressed in a green suit with a fedora and the other is dressed in a black chauffeur’s outfit, who knows martial arts.  Rogan writes and Michel Gondry directs.  Simple enough.

The good; Jay Chou’s Kato is awesome, he’s really what makes this movie.  It should be called Kato.  The action sequences are amazing, not only well choreographed but visually stunning.  Christoph Waltz as the bad guy is also amazing, charismatic as well as a sense of vulnerability that’s uncommon with villains.  The Black Beauty is in full form, it’s another character completely, and the Black Beauty looks great.

The bad; Seth Rogan.  How did anyone say, yes! he’s a superhero???  Rogan brings in the bucks, not doubt about that, but that’s from his college comedies, not superhero movies.

Took a while for this movie to settle in.  But in short, EW summed it up best, “Rogen’s Green Hornet is the first movie superhero to whom an otherwise grateful populace begs to say, Ssshhhhhh. Not so loud.”

Then the Oscar noms were announced.  I have four movies to watch, out of the ten nominated for best picture this year, not to shabby


So first off of the four is Winter’s Bone. It’s about the effects of Meth in the Ozark mountains.  Ree has to be the leader of the household.  Her father is in to drugs and running from the law, her mother suffered a mental break down, and she has to take care of her younger brother and sister, all that in a town that’s not filled with too many opportunities for a better life or a life different from the one she’s already leading.

The good; the set dressing and art production.  The whole thing feels like a documentary.  Jennifer Lawrence, as Ree, is amazing, she’s young but she delivers a powerful performance.   And the other cast members are wonderfully casted, they don’t look like actors.

The bad; there’s a moment where the situation/plot builds to a bursting point, and it’s a little confusing.  Just wish that plot point was made a little clearer.

This movie is very heavy and dark.  But it’s good, and it fits the Oscar best pic mold.  A strong female lead survives in a harsh world dominated by men.  I’m so glad I live in southern California.  Don’t watch this movie alone, you might be too depressed afterwards

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