09/10-jan-2011 + amazing arizona comic con + the town

Last night I dreamt that I was hanging out with my friends from high school.  We were just at someone’s house relaxing and talking about nothing and everything.  It’s Bobby, Jane, Richard and Riyah.  I can’t remember much else, except the layout of the house looks like none of our houses at the time.

This weekend I finally got to visit Jason and Amanda in Arizona.  After so many years since they moved out there, they have two houses, and two kids now.  Too bad Allan isn’t in Arizona anymore, never got to visit him out there.

It was great seeing Amanda and Victoria, and the new baby, Olivia.  There’s so much space in Arizona, compared to Southern California, not just flat plains, but they’re houses are spacious.  I went to visit them as well as attend the Amazing Arizona Comic Con.  Got to see Jeph Loeb again, plus Cory Walker, Ryan Ottley and Robert Kirkman.  The guys behind Invincible.  Kirkman is also known for The Walking Dead, Shane and Glenn were also at the con.

Robert Kirkman, Joe Bernthal (Shane), and Steven Yeun (Glenn)

Darkseid holding the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, while Cyclonus bows down to him and kisses his hand, and Hot Rod is apparently stuck in vehicle mode… it’s the cross over of the century…?

The Town co-written and directed… and starring Ben Affleck.  It’s about a professional criminal crew in Charlestown Mass, and the jobs they do.  It’s basically Heat combined with The Departed.

The good; it’s got a great cast, the late great Pete Postlethwaite, Jon Hamm, and Jeremy Renner join Affleck in this avarice movie.  The action is also very well done.  The driving scenes are great as well, especially with a mini van.  The story is nothing new, which sounds like a negative, but the execution of familiar things is nice.  Jeremy Renner’s character is great with Affleck’s character, there’s one scene in particular where they have to go beat up somebody, no questions asked, Renner’s line is perfect.

The bad; it’s nothing new, I wish there had been something new that was added to this genre.  Just because it’s an avarice film, but lately there’s a sub-genre growing about these types of films taking place in the Massachusetts location.  My biggest beef though… the ending, it’s very much like Heat for today, but Affleck’s no DeNiro.  So in my book, he doesn’t have the right to pull off the ending, when you watch the film you’ll know what I mean.

In short, check it out, it’s not bad.  Real fun and action packed.


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