127 hours

Finally got to watch 127 Hours.  It’s Danny Boyle’s latest film.  It’s basically just about Aron Ralston, played by James Franco, canyoneering through Utah and he gets his arm caught between a rock.  He’s only got the stuff he came with to figure a way out.
The good; it’s a true story, so you know the outcome.  Unless it’s a non-American film based on a true story, then the ending might not be so happy (North Face for example).  So Danny Boyle has managed to make us care and second guess that Ralston won’t make it out of the canyon he’s stuck in.  Most of the movie is much like Cast Away or Open Water, a guy by himself… so the way 127 Hours expands upon this time is great.  A lot of Boyle’s visual surreal style comes in to play.  I love the imagery he plays with.  James Franco also does a great job, being that this is mainly a one man show.

The bad; this movie will probably be forgotten.  Or people won’t want to see it because of the nature of circumstances.  But they should.

In short, 127 Hours is great, go see it.  I always look forward to Danny Boyle’s next project.  This movie really is about the human spirit and how it’s tested.



  1. I have a hard time psyching myself up to see such a stressful movie. Was it really gross? I heard it was hard to watch as he hacks through his arm.

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