14-dec-2010 + love & other drugs

Last night I dreamt that we were on the road, we’re traveling, not sure where.  But we’re taking a stop/break at my brother’s house.  I’m in the spare room and it’s not like how it is, there’s just a mattress on the floor, no boxspring.  And there’s a small table next to the mattress.  Then the location changes to my old apartment in Inglewood, it was newly renovated when I moved in, and I can still smell the paint.  Next thing I know, I’m walking in to town, it’s unlike a city.  Everything is within walking distance.  There’s a surplus/pawn shop, walking in I see all the old uniforms.  There’s some old man behind the counter with glasses working on restoring something.

I got to watch Love and Other Drugs this morning.  The short of it is, Viagara.  It takes place in 1996 and follows Jake who’s a drug rep on the fore front when Viagara comes around.  Throw in Anne Hathaway for the romantic element, and Edward Zwick’s return to the comedy-drama genre and you have Love and Other Drugs.

The good; it’s well acted.  Ed Zwick is usually known for his epic movies; Legends of the Fall, The Last Samurai, The Siege, Defiance, Glory… so it’s nice to see him try something else.  He focuses on the characters and the moments of a scene.  There’s a lot going on in this movie, there’s comedy, events in history, selfish motivations, family dynamics, and a guy meets girl structure.  But it’s all done well, and not a mess.

The bad; it’s kind of forgettable.  Why should we care about a drug rep only worried about his commissions?  It’s a movie about people who aren’t that redeeming.  Or his love interest who suffers from a disease?  But we do, so not much else to complain about, other than that not a lot of people will see this movie.

So in short, worth a rental, no real need to see this on the big screen.  It’s a small movie, and that’s not a bad thing.  It’s character driven.  Check it out if you can.

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