08-dec-2010 + black swan

Last night I dreamt that I was at a restaurant, but in a place like Disneyland or some other theme park.  The inside of the restaurant is very done up, an old ornate decorative theme going on, lots of bright gold colors and very fairy tale like of Disney.  I’m waiting for someone to come back from the bathroom, and I pay the bill in the mean time, then come back to the table where someone spilled something all over the table.  Among those things on the table is my gift, it’s apparently  four scarves… I guess they were expensive.  The guy is rather nonchalant about it and offers to pay for my bill to compensate me, but the price of the scarves is not equal to the meal I’ve just had.  There’s a bit of arguing, and then it just ends.  Next I’m watching some X-Files like thing, it’s snowing and there’s an abandoned government bunker in the middle of nowhere.  Agents are trying to find something and there’s an embroidered X-Files jacket.  Can’t remember much else, but the whole thing is very blue in tone.

Black Swan take two with Rachel.  We finally got to see it last night.  At the Arclight Hollywood Sofia Coppola premiered her latest movie.  So yeah.

Anyway, the short of what it’s about.  Nina is a ballerina that gets her break in the latest production of Swan Lake.  She struggles with all that goes in to becoming the White Swan and the Black Swan.  Her desire to be perfect as well as letting go battle back and forth with her rehearsals and her relationships with everyone in the production as well as her mother.  This is director Darren Aronofsky’s latest film, Black Swan is said to be a companion piece with last year’s nominated The Wrestler.  Both dealing with performers in a forms of art and their dedication to that art.

The good; Natalie Portman, she’s great, she’s pretty and she’s doing those ballet moves.  Unless it’s some superimposition, but both Portman and Mila Kunis trained in ballet before this movie, so that’s impressive.  The visuals are very stunning and shocking.  The opening scene of Nina’s dream is both frightening and beautiful.  Aronofsky loves psychological thrillers, and Black Swan definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat thinking and thinking about what’s reality and what’s imagined.

The bad; I didn’t like the night club dance sequence, it was very seizure inducing that would’ve made any caffeinated anime hang its head in shame.  There’s been a lot of buzz on Portman’s acting, but she’s mostly playing one emotion throughout the movie, much like Sandra Bullock did in The Blind Side, but maybe that’s a good thing, cause the lack of emotion allowed us to place our own interpretation of what the character of Nina was going through?  One more thing that kind of bugged me was the choice of camera angles, everything is very claustrophobic, we’re always pushed in close and hand held, some breathing room would’ve been nice.  Oh and if you’re familiar with Aronofsky’s other films, you will see the ending coming, so maybe this is a moot point.

Black Swan is quickly gaining in popularity, it’s dark, depressing and sad, I guess that’s what people want this year during the Christmas Holiday?  Black Swan is not for the weak of heart, you have to know what you’re getting in to when seeing this film, and if you’re ok with that then you’ll like this.



  1. i love those other two posters for black swan. very bauhaus!

    and i also hated the close claustrophobic camera angeles, but after listening to the Q&A with the production team I kind of understood it better. It was supposed to make you feel you couldn’t breathe, to build the tension. Which made me uncomfortable and certainly did build tension. I don’t really like shaky cam that much but…..

    Also they brought up how they’d used lots of mirrors, which I saw but didn’t really think too much about until they mentioned it. The play of reflection and reality vs. internal feeling. Ironic that she ends up killing herself with a mirror.

    Weird weird weird.

    The best part was the sound.

  2. I know all that stuff was done on purpose, but I don’t like it for too long a period of time. And I did notice the mirrors and how the camera crew wasn’t visible in them, very nice work on their part

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