05-dec-2010 + disneyland + the warrior’s way

Last night I dreamt that I had my dad’s old blue Firebird.  More than that I can’t remember anything else.

Last week was fun, LA got colder and we went to Disneyland to celebrate Amanda’s birthday.  It’s become a thing now, this being our second annual trip, well with a bigger group anyway.  Best time to go to Disneyland, almost no lines anywhere.  And saw a double rainbow, those who know, know what I mean

on the tram as we got in

on the tea cups

Saw The Warrior’s Way this weekend.  It’s not a movie you’re going to hear a lot about, and it’s not going to draw in a huge audience.  If you haven’t seen the trailer, it’s basically Cowboys vs Ninjas.  The short of what’s going on is more complicated.  A super assassin wants to stop being an assassin, so he flees to America, but his past catches up with him, because like all pacifists in action movies, they can’t keep that life style for very long.

The good; this film knows what it is and completely and utterly commits to that.  It’s over the top, hyper realized, completely fake, but it knows that, and stays the course.  So the whole world matches.  The action is very Matrixy and just great.  An example of this is the opening scene, so I’m not ruining anything, Jang Dong-gun is on a mission to kill a rival clan, their best and toughest ninja stand in his way, they line up and assume the ready stance… Jang just drags his sword and then like a Jedi he’s on the other side of the battle line… blood then sprays forth from the dead ninja.  So much like an anime it’s amazing.

Another good thing this movie accomplishes is that it manages to through everything in the to story, including the kitchen sink.  And it does it in a good way that I want more.  There’s a pseudo-love story, redemptive characters, several dark characters shrouded in mystery and darkness, an oppressive authority figure who comes in when convenient, cowboys and ninjas, and did I mention action galore?

The bad; I can’t really find anything that horrible with the movie itself.  Maybe… there is a point where one character is un-redemptive in her actions, and this could’ve been avoided by the main character doing the deed for her, allowing her to retain her purity as an innocent… I know that’s very picky and it’s very vague, but I don’t want to ruin anything for anyone.

But in all honesty, the marketing is bad for this movie.  Why is it coming out in December?  Granted it wouldn’t stand a chance against so called block busters like Transformers “the movie” and Gi Joe “the movie”… but comeon America, be smart.  The Warrior’s Way does not pretend to be art, but it does promise fun and completely delivers.

Bottom line: I will be buying this movie on DVD when it comes out.  How did The Warrior’s Way even get made?  It’s director Sngmoo Lee’s first movie, stars Jang Dong-gun a Korea musician, Kate Bosworth, Geoffrey Rush, Tony Cox and Danny Huston… um what?  Amazing that this movie got made, so go check out the best movie that no one is watching… or even aware of.


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