I watched Unstoppable for lunch.  It’s a pretty decent movie.  And the story is straight forward as well.  A runaway train carrying some deadly cargo is head for disaster.  A veteran rail engineer and a rookie conductor defy orders in order to stop the train.  Throw in a tertiary character or two that comes in handy at the right time, some unresolved loves issues, and a speeding train… all based on a true story.  Tony Scott assembles his team yet again, ROLL CALL; Tony Scott present, Denzel Washington present, Chris Lebenzon as editor present, and last but not least Harry Gregon-Williams for the score present.  And that’s Unstoppable.

The good; true story, so I know the outcome, and yet I still care.  That’s good film making, we all know the Titanic sinks at the end, but we care.  The action was done well, not your typical caffeinated Tony Scott, I could actually see things in focus and not get dizzy.  There’s a point in the movie, well every movie, where the main character receives the call to adventure.  For Star Wars it’s when Obi Wan calls Luke to go with him and learn the ways of the force.  This usually happens in the first fifteen minutes of a film, but with Unstoppable… it happens about thirty minutes in.  Much later than normal, but it felt right.  And for many scenes is just Denzel and Pine talking in the train cab, so Tony Scott was able to cover those scenes with energy and not make me bored.
The bad; it’s typical cookie cutter.  Meaning *SPOILER* there’s a happy ending.  And there’s a love story thrown in there for both characters.  If this were a war movie, the officers know nothing, while the privates on the ground know the solution right away.  That’s about my only complaints, but then again, that’s real life, that’s my life.  And so it makes it relate-able.

So check Unstoppable out, it’ll probably get overshadowed this weekend by Sky Line (War of the Worlds meets Independence Day for a whole new generation… hurray…).  But Unstoppable is worth the ride… pun intended.

Here’s me touching Chris Pine’s actual wardrobe…


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