10/31/2010 + the walking dead + lbcc

Halloween weekend.  I woke up early in the morning, to be startled by what my brain recognized as a child.  A child standing next to my bed in the dark.  It’s the way the light fell.  After my heart rate shot up to see what I initially thought was a child with large glasses standing next to me, I quickly realized it wasn’t there.  And I just swatted it away and simply drifted back to slumber.

This weekend was super busy again.  The second Long Beach Comic Con was this weekend.  John had a booth, so we went to visit.  Having braved the San Diego Comic Con for years we’re spoiled, the LBCC is vastly scaled down from the SDCC.  But in some ways I almost enjoyed the LBCC more.  One main reason… I could walk around, I didn’t have to fight my way through the aisles.  That’s very refreshing.  So while down in Long Beach I got to meet up with John, Pat, George and his kids, then Jim and Kelly showed up, also got to see Michael and Jeff from Wildstorm.  Too bad Jason couldn’t make it, I wish him and Amanda the best, they’re expecting their second girl today, congrats guys.  But Jason’s ticket did not go to waste, I took Lisa.  Among the friends I got to see, I actually was able to meet and chat with some comic book peoples.  If this were SDCC, the lines would’ve been crazy.  I got to get autographs from; Mark Waid, Jeph Loeb and Dustin Nguyen.

Saturday night I then went with Adam and Robin to Magic Mountain’s Fright Fest.  We didn’t get to do as many Fright attractions as we wanted to, but whatevers.  It was still fun, and chilly, brrrrr.

Then Sunday I spent half the day napping, so tired from all the walking done Friday and Saturday.  Sunday was the premiere of The Walking Dead tv show.  Thanks Kim for offering your house to view the pilot.  We had a good crowd; Kim, Ed, Johnny D, Jon G and Chia Chi.  Having read the comic, it was wonderful news to hear that they were adapting it in to a tv show.  And what’s more was that Frank Darabont will be directing, awesome!  So last night’s pilot episode was amazing.  Airing on AMC the content of the episode was way more graphic than we expected in a tv show.  They got away with a lot of stuff, just when I thought that they would’ve show the blood, they do and did.  The episode also remained very faithful to the comic book.  Just amazing stuff.  How amazing??  I’m up to date on the comic and where the pilot episode ends is great.  I know what’s going to happen next… and yet I can’t wait for the next episode.  That’s good story telling and execution.

I guess that’s why I dreamt about a zombie like child standing next to me last night.

Here’s a picture I found of the comic



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