10/26/2010 + conviction

Last night I saw Back to The Future at Universal City Walk for its 25th anniversary.  The Universal back lot is where they shot the Hill Valley clock tower scenes, for those of us who didn’t know that.  I went with Amanda.  When we discussed this, I thought of going to the Puente Hills Mall for their screening, cause that’s where they shot the exteriors for the Twin/Lone Pine(s) Mall scenes.  But the City of Industry is a far drive, but how awesome would that have been?

Back to the Future is a classic, it still holds up in all the right places.  One of my favorite movies growing up.

Finally saw Conviction.  It’s about a brother and a sister who don’t really have the best childhood.  Now their grown ups and the brother gets convicted of a murder, the sister knows he’s innocent and becomes a lawyer in order to prove his innocence.  She encounters a lot of roadblocks, one of which is… time.

The good; it’s a true story, people love true stories.  Hilary Swank and Sam Rockwell as Betty Anne and Kenneth Waters are great.  The acting is wonderful, we run the emotional gamut quite well.  There’s nice small moments not only with the brother sister relationship, but with the sister’s kids.

It smells like an Oscar, why?  Cause it’s a true story, it has a female lead overcoming great odds.  And it’s beautifully acted.

The bad; it’s predictable.  Not that that’s a bad thing all the time.  But you know how these things go.  I’ve also read that there were some inaccuracies, but in “true story” movies, what liberties aren’t taken these days?

So in short, check this one out.  It’s about not giving up, persevering through great odds.  The movie is also about the lengths we go to for the ones we love.   It’s a nice movie, you don’t really need to enjoy it on the big screen, but if you can still catch it in the theatres why not?



  1. Hi Eugene,

    Cool post. I was an assistant sound editor on BTTF 1. It was a great experience. My boss, the supervising sound editor Charles, L. Campbell, Also won the academy award for it!


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