10/24/2010 + paranormal activity 2

Last night I saw Paranormal Activity 2 with Zaldy and Christine at Arclight, again, just like last time.

The short of it, in the spirit (pun intended) of all the sequels being done today, Paranormal Activity 2 is a prequel.  It takes place before the first movie, like literally before the first movie, and even overlapping a bit.  This movie follows Katie’s sister, Kristi, and how the weird happenings affect her and her family.

The good; love the atmosphere that these movies build.  It’s definitely a crowd going experience.  There’s just a creepy paranoia vibe throughout the movie, keeps everyone on the edge of their seat.  I sat next to a balding older man who kept fidgeting in his seat and shielding his eyes every so often, luv it!

There’s also a scene with the dog… it’s pretty goooood.

The bad; this movie is nowhere near as subtle or as clever as the first one.  This could be attributed to the fact that it’s a sequel and that we as an audience are already  accustomed to the world and the tricks that the first film employs.  The run time was also longer than the first one.  Paranormal Activity ran for 86 minutes, where as Paranormal Activity 2 ran for 91 minutes.  But 2 felt so much shorter.  Both movies are a build up to the last scene, but in 2 it just felt too easy and simple.  And what house in San Diego, let alone the west coast has a basement??

I mentioned the scene with the dog above, I would also classify that same scene there, why?  Because the house is wired with surveillance cameras, but when this scene happens they never cut to the other scene.  I know this is done to make what you don’t see the worst thing ever possible, but they could’ve covered that scene somewhere else where there would be no camera angle.  Or… show that the camera angle from that spot had no footage, think about how scary that would’ve been.

Overall, not a bad sequel, the ending is very much like the Blair Witch Project.  I can see some people not enjoying this movie, but I had fun with it.  I recommend seeing it in a theatre full of people.


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