10/19/2010 + killers + the crazies + red

This weekend I had a wide spectrum of movie viewing.  Killers… on a whim (review below), next Beauty and the Beast on blu ray, the movie looks amazing, the blu ray transfer was very well done.  Then The Crazies, the new version, (review below).  After that I topped it off with The Machinist.  Then Monday night I saw Red with Johnny D and Shelley, (review below).

Killers came out earlier than Knight and Day, which is very similar in marketing.  It’s about an unlikely couple.  The man in the relationship is a professional killer wanting a normal life, and the woman is oblivious up to a point.  Then the people still in the agency want the guy dead, the secret is out and whacky-ness ensues.  Sound familiar?

The good; the action is pretty good.  Wasn’t expecting too much, so that helped.  Ashton Kutcher can actually pull of some nice action sequences.  And Rob Riggle doing a fight scene, come on, that’s awesome.  Other than that, it was pretty tolerable, I found myself interested, so the pacing is good… I guess…  The chemistry between Ashton and Katherine is really good.

The bad; the reveal that the husband is a professional killer… is a little off.  I wasn’t sure how I felt about the way they covered it.  SPOILER alert: all the couple’s friends and neighbors are watching them, it’s pretty much a whole neighbor filled with agents.  It just feels odd, if Ashton’s supposed to be such a good agent, why wouldn’t he smell all these people out?  Maybe he’s so invested in leading a normal life that he turns a blind eye???  Then why do his killing skills come back like magic when he needs them?  Meh, that’s just me.  And the end reveal is way too easy, it involves Tom Selleck being in the know all the time… sigh.

Overall not that bad, it’s actually better than Knight and Day.  While it may seem like I’m being negative about Killers, I actually enjoyed it, it’s a rental for sure.  The chemistry between Ashton and Katherine is far better than Tom and Cameron.  So go rent it.


The Crazies is a remake of a George Romero film.  That should say it all.  The short of it is; an army biological weapon is being transported and crashes in Ogden Marsh, smalltown America.  Then people start acting crazy and they start killing anyone and everyone.  The Sheriff is a good man and tries to get his wife and friends out of the town alive.

The good; it’s a good remake.  Much like the earlier Dawn of the Dead remake, The Crazies is enjoyable.  The mood is nice, there’s fear and terror around every corner, but it’s not too much, it’s entertaining enough.  The whole mood is carried throughout, it’s almost relentless.

The bad; the marketing?  The main cast doesn’t look like small town America.  They look too pretty.  But that’s hollywood.

So in short, check it out.  There’s some good stuff and it’s fun.  But it’s horror, so beware.


Last night I saw Red with Johnny D and Shelley.  RED is about a retired professional killer who’s aging and gets a government hit called on him.  He goes to his old colleagues and gets to the bottom of it.  That’s it in a nutshell.

The good; the movie actually adds to the comic book was about.  They took the single character of Frank Moses, played by Willis, and expanded it in to a wonderful cast and a conspiracy.  Well done.  Lately there’s been a theme of old people being action stars; Taken, Harry Brown, Heart of Darkness, The Expendables… keep it up, I like it.  The camera work and coverage is nice, I can see what’s going on and it’s not a close up.  I CAN SEE!  Good stuff.  Malkovich’s comedic timing is wonderful.  Karl Urban is also a nice addition.

The bad; it’s a little bit of a cookie cutter.  They took the simple pseudo-revenge comic and injected it in with a love story and an ensemble cast.  That’s about it.

Overall, worth seeing, worth reading.  You can see what’s going on and you can also enjoy the humor and the action.  Just fun all around.  Go see it.

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