9/23/2010 + wall street 2

Last night I dreamt that I was in a construction yard.  Walking up a hill that’s now being torn apart, I see a mini bull dozer driving up carrying some dirt.  Inside is a friend, it’s Glen, haven’t seen him in forever.  So I hitch a ride and talk to him through the little grating for a window.  When we reach the top we see the other construction workers are taking a break.  A lot of them are on a log eating.  Among them I see Allan and Shawn, didn’t expect to see them there.  We’re talking and then the dream shifts to a…

school, it’s night time.  But there are a lot of activities going on.  The place is well lit for night time.  It feels like a rally or something.  The basketball courts have a game going on, there are people in the racket ball courts.  Just a lot of stuff going on for night time in a school.

Saw Wall Street 2 for lunch.  It’s about Shia LaBeouf marrying Gordon Gekko’s daughter, Carey Mulligan.  Shia is a wall street trader and throw in Josh Brolin who’s the bad guy.

I don’t really know what this movie is about.  The world of stock trading is foreign to me.  But there’s a love story intertwined.  Shia wants Carey Mulligan, and they want to live happily ever after.

The good; Carey Mulligan, ever since Doctor Who I’ve enjoyed her acting.  There are some great emotional scenes between her and Shia.  Shia as well does a great job of acting in this movie.  The look of the film is very slick, when you think of Oliver Stone, you think of older and grittier films (Platoon, Scarface…)  But Wall Street 2 has all the bells and whistles of clever transitions with digital technology.

The bad; at no point in the movie did they bother to explain what was going on in the money world.  Every time there was talk of bail out and shares, I couldn’t care or relate.  At least explain some things.  If it weren’t for the love story, I wouldn’t care.  No character is relate-able, Carey Mulligan is the one character I see you can most connect with, but Shia’s character is not really a hero.  I get that, because this movie is about greed, but if that’s the case, go all the way.  Gekko is the bad guy, Brolin is the bad guy, that’s fine, but our main character needs to be a good guy.

In short, the movie looks pretty, but I could have skipped this one.

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Here are two other pictures from Karina’s birthday party


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