weekend of 8/27/10-8/29/10 + Ip Man

No time for dreaming, or at least not remembering the dreams.

But there was certainly time for reminiscing.  I brought my GI Joe footlocker set to Jon’s place and we remembered our youth.  We geeked out on the supplementary features and then critiqued the animation quality as well as the story quality that only loved ones and relatives can roast one another.  That sentence wasn’t as eloquent as I’d like, but whatever.

Saturday was Jon’s birthday dinner, saw some people I hadn’t seen in a while, nice to catch up.

Sunday was rather lazy, I beat Metal Gear Solid 4 finally, and then watched Ip Man.  In the evening we went to Ryan’s place to watch Cyrus.  Glad everyone enjoyed this small movie that hardly anyone saw.

Over the weekend I realized how well I am in the art of napping.  I took a power nap that lasted for about twenty minutes, I didn’t even have to set my alarm, I simply just woke up when twenty minutes had passed.  And I also fell asleep quite quickly too.  I’ve always enjoyed napping.

Currently watching

GI Joe

I also watched Ip Man this weekend.  What a great movie.  It’s loosely based on the life of Yip Man, a Chinese Martial Artist who taught Wing Chun.  One of his students was none other than Bruce Lee.

The short of it is about Ip Man living in a China that’s being somewhat western-ized.  Then Japan invades, this sends things it to a tale spin.  All the while Ip Man tries to just live his life with his Wife and Son, but time and time again circumstances dictate that he fight.

The good; Donnie Yen and Simon Yam are awesome.  Yen plays the titular character and performs all the fights scenes beautifully.  The story takes certain liberties and plays up the dramatic parts, but I’m fine with that.

The bad; not really anything to complain about, the subtitles are a bit off at times with the translation.  And if anything, people who have seen Fearless with Jet Li, might compare Ip Man to that.  Both are inspired by true stories and both are similar stories.

I don’t want to say much more, other than go see this movie, there’s amazing fight sequences and the story is up to par.

Currently watching

Ip Man


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