weekend of August 7-8, 2010

This weekend was warm and eventful.  Saturday consisted of church and then this; lunch at Alcove, then LACMA, dinner at Cacao, then dessert at 21 Choices in Pasadena.

Sunday was spent reading and cleaning. – But I also watched Inception again, -SPOILERS- the second time around I believe it’s still reality that he goes home to.  However something else occurred to me. Some things to consider;

Cobb still never spins his totem when he comes out of the “Chemist’s” sedative, he’s interrupted by Saito.  Cobb’s dad shows up at the airport to bring him home to his kids.  Cobb’s dad introduces him to his “architect.”

What if the whole deal is Cobb’s dad giving him “peace?”  Albeit it, a fake peace?  He’s giving his son all that he wants?  To go back home to the States and see his kids, and more importantly… let go of his dead wife.  Could the whole “job” be something of Cobb’s Dad’s construction?  And Cobb is living blissfully ignorant in a dream state created so meticulously by his own father?

Also, thanks to Andrew for this article Inception Music

Last night I dreamt that we were at a house warming party much like the one my brother had for his house.   But it also felt the complex where I live.  We’re outside and it’s very bright, there a bbq going on and a lot of people strewn about.  Then I’m inside the house and there’s my bed, or at least the bed that I’ll be sleeping in.  And it’s this rather old red bed, like it’s flaking off, or there’s a thick layer of dust on it.  So I’m there in my room for the night, but so are a lot of other people, cause they’re getting the tour and stuff.  Not sure who, but someone assures me that the bed currently in there won’t be the one I’ll be sleeping on.

Then the dream shift and I’m on a studio lot and they had a collectible toy store.  At first I think I’m on the WB lot, but I can’t be sure, because the wide open court yard with the clock tower now reminds me of the Universal lot.  There’s a lot of stuff going on, people carrying equipment and setting up equipment.  But it also make me think of Universal’s lot because there are tourists around, it’s that work slash amusement park feel.  So I make my way to this rather colorful building that looks like something out of a comic book, and inside the facade is a functioning store.  I’m inside just looking at all the toys, old toys at that.  I see this one mash up toy, in the sense that it’s the Gunstar from The Last Star Fighter, in a sort of Power Rangers space toy that got a lot of connecting pieces.  But then the pilot for the toy is Superman.  So it’s just a lot of stuff, and it’s old so the price tag is near the three digits.  There are just a lot of old toys here; GiJoes, Transformers, Legos… all the stuff I wanted as a kid.  But I’m me now, so I call John on the phone and ask him if there’s anything here that’s worth getting, for resale value.  Then I wake up

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