how to train your dragon

Last night I saw How To Train Your Dragon.  What a great movie.  From the moment I saw the trailer I knew this was going to be a good one.
Here’s the short of what it’s about.  A young not so viking, viking boy wants to live up to his father’s expectations, but he’s more of the thinker than a muscle do-er, as the others in his village are.  The village has a on-going battle with the dragons that come to take away their livestock and stuff.  In the midst of a battle, our young hero (Hiccup) creates this crossbow like thing and takes down the dragon type that no one has encountered and live to tell about it.  In the course of this achievement he now discovers that dragons aren’t the enemy that this people thought they were.

The bad: ummm, I can’t really complain.  Except my usual complaint about animated features these days.  The voice actors are all live action actors, and it takes away from a specific group of people who are in fact voice actors.  Where do those people go to get jobs?

The good: oh it’s all good.  The animation is typical cartoony.  But the story… oh the story is what makes this movie.  It’s about the underdog rising and gaining the “elixir” that not only redeems himself but the whole of his people.  To go in to this further would take away from the movie going experience.  I’m glad Dreamworks cranked out an amazing animated feature, rather than the fodder that’s been going around.  Pixar needs some competition in order for them to keep it up.  Let’s have more like How To Train Your Dragon, please.
This should be nominated for best animated feature next year.  Go see it.


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