macgruberrrrr + what’s eating gilbert grape?

Last night I saw MacGruber, thanks to Amanda.  First of all, this is a movie based on and SNL skit.  These movies haven’t had the best track record mind you.  Wayne’s World probably being the best commercial success of them all.  So if you’re going to watch this movie when you’re at the theatre staring at the list of things to see, this won’t be the movie for you.  But if you are familiar with Will Forte’s MacGruber sketch on SNL, then this is your movie.  You’ll get what you want and expect, outlandish situations, stupid funny dialog, overacting, underacting, gratuitous action explosions, cheap laughs and a thread of a sliver of a comprehensible story.
So MacGruber as a movie reminded me more of Rambo rather than MacGyver.  There’s an old friend of an Army guy who enlists MacGruber’s help in a national crisis, and then Mac does was he does.  Val Kilmer is the villain, Powers Boothe is the Army friend, with Ryan Phillipe being the new young guy.  Kristen Wiig and Mia Rudolph round out the cast with the female love interest(s).  I came in with low expectations and enjoyed myself, but I can totally see this movie being an object of hatred to some people.

And then I finally saw What’s Eating Gilbert Grape all the way through.  That movie is awesome.  I totally relate to Gilbert, it’s almost eerie.  Having put viewing this movie for so long probably didn’t help because now it’s a period piece almost and makes me even more relate.


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