weekend update with gentlemen broncos

Last night I dreamt that I was in the studio store and it was super packed.  There were a lot of visitors, almost tourists in there. Hardly any room to move, felt like bargain hunting through bins at comic con.  My family is with me, but we’re not going to buy anything, we’d rather just go.  In the crowd I see an old friend, Jasper, and with him is his little brother.  But as old as we are now, his brother should be bigger, but he’s as young as I remember him.  I can’t really talk to them as I try to get out of this mob.  It seems like he’s at the store with the tourists, then I also think of the group and maybe it’s a large group of extras.  Then we’re in a motel, our group is split up in to different rooms.  The colors are very sepia, brown carpets and yellow walls, but not yellow stained, just yellow.  Old, 60s-70s style.  Reminds me of the time we went to Pismo beach.  To make my way to where the other are I walk through some other rooms while house keeping is cleaning up.  When I get to the lobby it really reminded me of Pismo beach because on the way up we ate at a buffet in a casino/motel and the carpet was very much like it is in the dream.  A brown counter reception area with yellowish walls and patterned carpet with mostly brown colors.

This weekend went well, had movie night part 2.  We actually it was Gentlemen Broncos night part 2.  Vienna, Lisa, Rob, Emily, and Melody came over to experience this wonderful movie.  Then we started talking about stuff, movies and scifi in particular.  Then Sunday was Tamara’s birthday party, so we went over to Emily’s place, Mickey built a windmill so glad that worked out.  Sunday was also the day that Andrew and Norin came back from the Philippines.  I missed their arrival cause I was at the party.  Monday was spent jamming with Lisa and Doctor Who and Punisher Warzone.  Such a good movie, amazing that a female director helmed that movie.  Been raining all weekend almost, and all week so far.  Really loving this weather, I bought a new coat at H&M, so I’m really liking my new coat too.
Also this past week I tried to find Moon on blu-ray, that venture was unsuccessful.  Perhaps amazon is the best route at this point.  Moon and The Hurt Locker, my two favorite movies of last year… and Gentlemen Broncos.


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