weekend movie night + food inc. & dark star

Last night I dreamt that I was in high school, or in a high school.  It’s those days of old when PE period was in the morning and everyone had to change.  We’re all getting out of the gym/locker room.  The entrance is obstructed by a concrete divide to prevent looking in to the locker as people are changing.  Actually the more I think about it, the exit we’re walking out of is more like the locker room in middle school.  There’s a chain link fence where we would wait till the bell rang, signaling us to walk to our next class.  Another thing I noticed in this dream is that the floor and walls are old, but the walls are green, like this old green that turned in to a lime green by time.  There’s molding where the tile and or laminate meets the walls.

This weekend was movie night, first time a lot of people had been to my place.  We watched the extended version of The Hangover, and then CJ7.  People laughed, shook their heads and cried.  Good times… good times.

I watched Food, INC., much to everyone’s resistance to viewing this movie, I enjoyed it.  It’s not the deterrent that people make it out to be.  It’s more like Fast Food Nation or Super-Size Me, if you’ve seen these two movies and enjoy them you’ll like Food, INC..  Very informative and sad at the same time.  Amazing how little we know about what goes in to our mouths, ignorance is bliss after all.   Do yourself a favor, educated yourself by watching this movie.

Then I watched Dark Star.  A John Carpenter Dan O’Bannon comedy?  What the what?  Very low budget and almost grindhouse.  It’s got Carpenter’s music and Dan O’Bannon acting, oh and a beach ball alien.  Yes, a beach ball.  Everyone’s got to start somewhere right?  After this O’Bannon did Alien with Ridley Scott.  I don’t know how else to describe this movie, or how I feel after having viewed it, other than if you’re a John Carpenter fan, you should check this out to see what he did before he made Halloween.


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