extract + the proposition this weekend

Last night I dreamt that we were on a tour of the WB lot, but the weird thing is that it’s right next to the Fox lot.  A simple tram ride away.  The lot looked way different from what I remember, it resembled a theme park more than a lot.  Brightly colored buildings, yellows and blues.  Almost like a cartoon or a section of The Simpsons come to life.  Then the tour ends, the lobby even resembles something like very much like the Tower of Terror ride or the Haunted Mansion, just old and neatly kept.  But it’s got a lot of people just sitting down looking beaten down.  The tram comes around, and it’s just like the Universal Tram ride.  I take it back to the Fox lot and head over to the studio store for a set of the latest Simpsons DVD.  Then I’m at Blockbuster helping in a customer service demonstration.

Yesterday I watched Extract, not the best.  But also enjoyable.  This will not go in to history as one of Mike Judge’s best.  At the heart of the movie is a drama, there’s just some comedic elements that are peppered throughout.  Everyone in it is great, but it felt like a straight to dvd movie.  The advertising for this movie is very misleading, it’s not the laugh out loud comedy they promised, it’s more than just that.  Not really much else to say.

Then I finished watching The Proposition.  Previous to The Road John Hillcoat did The Proposition.  It’s a western that takes place in Australia.  What is going on in this movie??  I don’t care, but I loves it.  Guy Pearce is caught and then released by Ray Winstone to find his criminal brother.  There’s a lot going on here; murder, outlaws, spiritual healing, family, racism, western civilization vs. native culture.  Where does a person stand when blood is thicker than water?  Yet being forced to chose between blood?  The motivations of some characters are very ambiguous.  Maybe I just love westerns, but this one is worth checking out.  The choice of modern music is also interesting.

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