movies and dreams this weekend

Last night I dreamt that I was in class.  But my classmates were all from church, this is new considering I went through the public education system.  Looking around while we’re taking this test it reminds me of the time we took that survey.  For some reason the person next to me has to whisper something in my ear, they get caught and the moderator/facilitator of this test calls it cheating.  To make up for it we have to swap tests and write on someone else’s test about how we’ve meant something to someone.  I can’t even remember what the questions were on this scantron test, but I’m sure there wasn’t an essay portion.  And then to have that question be so deep, what a complete one-eighty.

Yesterday I saw two movies, Funny People and The Princess and the Frog.  The marketing campaign for Funny People is sooooo misleading.  I like Judd Apatow, and I found myself liking Funny People, but when it was done, I can’t say I would like to own this movie.  The movie is certainly what he set out to do, a dramatic comedy.  And it does get dark in various places.  But those stupid marketing people promised us a laugh out loud comedy, not one with complex characters who’s lives are equally complex and then become intertwined.  This reminded me a lot of Observe and Report, but not as dark.  Perhaps Funny People could’ve benefited if they went all the way dark with one or two of the characters.  Ok, so that’s the bad, the good.  It’s very real and the issues Apatow and co. are dealing with are something we can all relate to, but of course things are heightened for the cinema.  And don’t get me wrong, despite this movie not being a “true comedy” in the sense that we all know and love, this movie definitely has some funny moments.

On to The Princess and the Frog, saw it with Mickey and Tamara on a Monday night, this Monday night was supposed to be last Monday night, but there was a break down in communication, the break down was not on my part.  So this movie is one for the history books, if you don’t know that fact already.  It is the forty ninth traditionally animated Disney feature.  Home on the Range being the last in 2004, so with the five year hiatus in traditional 2D animation that Disney is famous for, we get it back!  It was a sad year in ’04 when that division closed and everything after was computer generated.  But Disney is back, this movie is inspired by The Frog Prince fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm.  At first I thought, “doesn’t Disney just simplify the fairy tale and add some song and dance numbers?” In the past yes, but with this new film, they not only manage to bring back the 2D world, but the story is fresh as well.  They reference the original fairy tale but their story is original.  Much like Avatar, time is really not an issue in this movie, but with The Princess and the Frog it’s the opposite effect, a short run time feels longer.  They really stretch their 97 min run time.  The songs are done by Randy Newman, although they aren’t performed by him, he seeps through, which works fine for Toy Story, but I don’t really want it for this type of movie.  The Princess and the Frog is just a marvelous achievement, traditional animation is back, and the first Black Princess.  Way to bring it guys.  One thing though, the opening shot of the movie on the streets of New Orleans is just superb, it almost looks to par with the artistry on Sleeping Beauty, but then when we get in to the room with our characters, they don’t quite mesh with the gorgeous background we were just given.  Whatever, go see this movie for it’s historical landmark… ness.


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