Just saw Avatar, James Cameron’s Avatar and not the Nickelodean cartoon (not the Shymalan “movie”).  Anyway, this movie is like The Dark Knight, it lives up to all the hype.  Be forewarned, the movie is a long movie.  It doesn’t feel like nearly three hours, but the movie is long.  On first glance with the trailers and stuff, the movie looks like Ferngully meets Dance With Wolves/The Last Samurai, it is exactly that, but in this case it’s not a bad thing.  The movie follows Jake Sully in to an alien planet where a corporation has hired an army to subdue the natives so they can mine for metals.  The diplomatic approach is taking too long for the money hungry corporation and the marines’ trigger fingers are getting itchy.  Insert Sully who’s plummeted in the middle of this situation just because of his genetics.  That’s about as specific as I’m going to get with the story.  Now my problems… not much, but it is a long movie, some stuff could’ve been cut out or shortened.  Sully has a clear arc as a character, and Quaritch stays the same as the shadow mentor.  Thinking about it some more, the time that is involved in gaining the trust of the natives and learning their world through Sully’s eyes is the bulk of the movie, which the images are simply stunning.  Once he gets in to his Avatar it’s pretty much all CG, but it’s sooo good.  People keep saying, “it looks great, but the story is nothing new.”  What do you people want?  Why complain about this story that isn’t a sequel, a reboot, or an adaptation (book, comic, tv show, cartoon…).  Shut up and watch the movie, be transported to another world and open you eyes and ears to a movie that is not only visually stunning, but actually has a story with a moral to it.  Go see this movie, period.

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