drag me to hell

Last night I dreamt that I was with the people who were at the church Christmas party on Sunday, but this time a zombie epidemic brings us together.  It seems that the zombie plague spread to where we were in the middle of the holiday festivities.  Nothing shows how we got out of there, but the next thing is we’re all in my parents’ house.  It’s day time and we’d slept through the night, but the sleep wasn’t the best.  We’re dirty from making our way to the house, no blankets, just all of us huddled on the living room floor trying to make the best of it.  But waking up in the morning, the living room is not my parents’ it resembles the living room of my Uncle’s house.  Cause sleeping on tiles would’ve been super cold, but there’s carpet here.  Looking outside, you could hardly tell that zombies were around, which made me think that this zombie problem is more like a natural disaster or a swarm of locusts sweeping through the farm land.  There’s a sense of relief that the zombies are gone.  Then I’m in a car dealership wanting some warranty on my new car.

So we watch Drag Me To Hell, Sam Raimi’s return to horror.  I like it.  Sure there are some plot holes and things that make you wonder, but so what. The movie takes place in LA and it’s about a loan person at a bank that denies a woman an extension on her house loan.  Then the woman curses her and insanity ensues.  That’s all you need to know about the plot.  But the look is very much unlike Raimi’s other horror movies.  The outrageousness is certainly still present.  But the way scenes are covered, it’s just refreshing to see that Raimi’s still got it.  Each scene is basically a shock factor moment, whether it be the human woman, or the effects of the curse that are ravaging our heroine.  It’s a good one, and it definitely has a moral behind the horror.


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