the secret of kells

Last night I dreamt that I was camping out at another one of our academies.  This place was in an area of warm weather and the play ground area was right in the middle of the complex, with brownish earthy buildings surrounding the green grass and the jungle gym equipment.  We’re all taking a break from unpacking and driving so the kids are out and about playing in the play ground.  Then some familiar faces are seen, the people I went to Disneyland with last week.  But it’s like they were always part of the San Diego group all along.  I go to use the bathroom, and this place is more like an outhouse combined with a portapotty.  It’s strange, like a wooden outhouse that is in a reclined position.

So after work last night I saw The Secret of Kells with Julia.  For some reason it’s not available to reference here in a little icon.  The movie is an animated one about a medieval village that is trying to survive a Viking attack.  Not sure where this takes place in time or region, but the accents are definitely Irish.  The animation style is very much like Dexter’s Lab, The Powder Puff Girls or Samurai Jack, which isn’t bad, but that’s just how it is.  There are some moments in the movie that are jump out of your seat moments, which is something worthy of noting, because the style of the film doesn’t really make you think that a scary moment can be produced.  But it does happen, and that’s great for an animated movie to accomplish that.  The movie also has a short runtime, but it sure does not feel it.  The only part that felt super short is the end.  They took their time crafting the setting and the motivations for the characters, why not take time in giving us an ending?  With that aside, the ending is still a rather powerful one, just which we could’ve savored it in our mouths a while longer.  Very mixed about this one…


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