the road + the fantastic mr. fox

Last night I saw The Road with Q&A from the director John Hillcoat and the writer Joe Penhall.  This is the most depressing movie of the year by far, but yet… sooo good.  The Road is an adaptation from a novel, written by Cormac McCarthy, the same writer as No Country For Old Men, which side note; was written originally as a screen play, but couldn’t get made, so he wrote the novel and then the Coen’s made the movie, interesting… The Road is about the toll human morality takes under the living conditions of a post-apocalyptic world.  A Man and his Boy travel the now barren earth in search of food and shelter, and not much else.  The look of the film is amazing, almost no color, everything’s earthy and dark, and there are constant earth-quakes.  You especially hear these at night while the two are around a camp fire.  At first I thought that it was battles being fought, but it’s the earth tearing itself apart, and it’s everywhere.  A very subtle sound design element which I love.  This may ruin the movie for people, or the book for that matter, but… in their travel south, they encounter humanity at its worst.  No where have they ever encountered birds, cows, or any large animals for that matter.  So those that survived the event turned to cannibalism in order to survive.  This keeps the duo isolated in their travels, because they don’t know who is who.  It’s a great world that’s created, truly testing one’s character under extreme pressure.  After seeing this movie, it reminded me so much of The Mist.  What people do under heavy pressure situations where it’s life or death, and how the primordial instincts take over our moral upbringing.

For lunch I saw The Fantastic Mr. Fox, the latest movie from Wes Anderson.  Definitely not his typical stuff.  I was waiting for the dark turn in the story, but it wasn’t that dark, and that left me delightfully surprised.  This movie for me is much like Speed Racer and a less extent Where The Wild Things Are.  Not that Where The Wild Things Are isn’t a good movie, it just isn’t the visual stimulus that Speed Racer is.  The Fantastic Mr. Fox has so much detail in every shot, it’s such a treat.  The voice actors are Anderson’s cannon again, I already have a problem with using live action actors in voice over work, just because they take work from an already small pool of actors and to a degree it takes you out of the movie turning it in to a guessing game of who’s who.  The movie is based on the book of the same name and has a forest of creatures that want to cause havoc on three farmers that are close by.  The movie is dramatic, personal, action packed, and funny all at the same time.  Oh and did I mention the look of the movie?
I also saw Eliza Dushku and Summer Glau filming a scene for the now canceled Dollhouse.  And while watching that I saw Noel Clarke, better known as Mickey Smith from Doctor Who.


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