I saw Moon with James.  For those who have not heard of this movie, good, because good movies are harder to come by these days.  And the fact that you have to probably go out of your way to see Moon means that the journey is worth it.  Moon is Sam Rockwell on the moon for the three year mission, it’s Castaway meets 2001: A Space Odyssey. Kevin Spacey is Gerty, the HAL of the movie.  So that’s the premise.  Wow o wow, what a great movie.  The visual effects are great, the acting is great, just awesomeness all around.  One thing I do not like about this movie is the marketing.  The trailer again gives something very big away, and an intelligent viewer would know that there a only a couple of things that would lead up to this event in a scifi movie.  The trailer should’ve advertised the feel of the movie rather than the plot, so sad.  The soundtrack is also very appropriate in it’s haunting quality and just further heightens the emotions.  Very simple movie.  So technically Moon could be nominated for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor.  There are points in the movie where the shot is framed in an obvious garbage mat, but then the principles break where the mat line would traditionally be, it’s like the filmmakers are nodding and winking at the audience.  Can’t say too much about the story without giving major plot points away, but one more thing must be said, the set design is also just as great, cold white sterile walls never seemed more appropriate.
What a weekend, filled with more birthdays.  James and Angie had a joint thing Friday, good stuff. And then Sunday was Josh’s birthday party. Didn’t expect to see Chester and Gemma with the boys, so that was a nice treat.  It’s getting warmer, summer is peeking around


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