Last night I dreamt that we were in a parking structure like the one near the Islands in Burbank, we were there yesterday.  So James is there and we’re getting dropped off, each of us has our cars parked in the structure.  We’re in a black Mercedes, and it’s being driven by Mickey Rourke.  We drop off James, and he can’t find his car on the level he’s on.  And while driving to where I’m parked we run in to him again and notice that he can’t find his car.  Mickey Rourke is now driving his car from the back seat, not like verbally driving, physically driving, very weird.
This weekend was super super busy.  Went to Korea town to send Jammie off on Friday night, dinner was nice.  Then Saturday church and lunch at Truly Vegan, Susan’s dad gave us some nice parting words, “You people make Christianity … Interesting.”  We all continued to laugh.  Then Julia locked herself out of her apartment, and then Jammie locked us out of Kat and Susan’s apartment as well as her truck.  Ryan came in to save us, retrieving the spare key from Julia’s newly liberated apartment.  From there the group went to Susan’s graduation and I needed to change my clothes and try to nap.  Leslie was in the church office so we chatted a bit and at some point we both took a nap, but not like Rajeev who was in the fellowship hall the whole time.  Now it’s later afternoon, we proceeded to Sal’s in preparation for Susan’s graduation party.  Busy busy.  Now on to Sunday, saw Up, more on that.  Had lunch at Island’s then a little break at Julia’s and then Cecilia’s birthday party.

So UP, what a great movie.  The target audience is definitely not kids.  In the beginning there’s a sad sad part, and in the audience I hear, “Why is everyone sad?”  First of all, shut it kid, and second, you will sadly find out later in life.  Although the overall story is not for kids, there is enough humor to carry them through.  Upon seeing the original trailer, I kept thinking that this reminds me a whole lot of anime, in particular Miyasaki’s work.  But then after have watched the movie, it is more traditional in western story telling.  This was my first reaction, No bad guy, just an old man and a kid surviving the elements in a flying house, nature would be the bad guy, much like Twister, Dante’s Peak and The Perfect Storm.  But then a typical bad guy shows up.  I was sorta disappointed, but oh well.  I don’t want to give too much away, but the movie is a huge emotional roller coaster.  The role reversals of the main characters was brilliant.  A lot of the movie will go over the heads of the kids, but Pixar does it again.  I don’t want to go in to more detail for fear of ruining it for those who haven’t seen it.  The score is great, and not the typical Randy Newman stuff.  Go see it


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