land of the lost

I saw Land of the Lost this weekend, which was a bomb by box office standards.  I really enjoyed it though.  I saw it with Damielle, Gonzalo and Ernie… we were laughing pretty hard and loud in the theatre.  So after enjoying the movie, I can see why people wouldn’t.  The show Land of the Lost is very dated and of it’s time, having rewatched the intro on youtube, that raft scene really screams out as being dated.  So they took a kid’s show and turned it in to a comedy, ok, but the comedy is kinda crude, a little more crude than I had expected.  And let’s face it, you either love Will Ferrel or you hate him, so there’s half the audience right there.  Ok, so what I liked.  After the beginning and the set up of the ordinary world, we revisit that infamous/famous raft scene.  Now it’s updated with cgi and stuff, but the thing that sold it for me was how they kept dropping lines from the opening song, like “this is no routine expedition” or “the greatest earthquake ever known.”  Little fan boy moments like that are great, oh and they even hinted at it with music ques, love it.  Later they even have Ferrel himself sing the theme song on a guitar, awesomeness.  From the trailers we’re promised a zany whacky comedy, but what is delivered is a fantasy action adventure with comedy players.  Will Ferrel and Danny McBride together, with Anna Friel being the straight man – woman in this case, who would’ve thought.  The American public hated the movie, but then again they made Hannah Montana the movie number one.
Last night I dreamt that I was camping, but it felt more like the time we went to Pismo beach.  Jojo had his dirt bikes and Ryan was going to attempt a jump, much like they do in motorcross and the exhibition biking.  We’re at the bottom of a hill and all our tents and camping stuffs are there.  But it’s not the beach anymore there’s a lot of trees and the hill turns in to this massive mound from which to launch from, and trees surround it as well.  For some reason there’s a video game controller, much like a playstation, and I grab it to find that it can control the bike.  So Ryan’s on the bike and I’m controlling his jumps.  If you’ve ever played a video game you know that when your character gets air time, you can control the balance, so that’s what I did.  The bike goes very very high and starts to flip around, I stabilize the bike so that it can land safely.  Then we go in search of where the bik and rider are, because he’s gone from our view.  In this process the tone changes from pismo beach to that of the last time we went paintballing, guess it’s cause of the trees.  Then we’re in Chris and Gemma’s place, like we’ve slept over before we go paintballing.  Zander’s there and we’re packing up ready to leave, but the apartment is more like a cabin, like the cabin we stayed in at Brianhead.  Nice wood balcony with railing, feels very out of place in San Diego.


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