terminator salvation

Watched Terminator Salvation.  After the hype, I enjoyed it despite how inaccurate the trailers were.  One thing that the trailer takes away from the viewer is the revelation that Marcus is a Terminator.  So that doesn’t spoil anything for anyone, unless you’ve been in a cave for six months.  With T3, they changed the point/goal of our protagonists, instead of preventing judgement day the humans were to survive it.  Salvation takes place during the war with the machines.  The resistance is struggling to keep fighting the machines and John Connor is but a soldier in the army just following orders.  The movie does hit all the marks of a Terminator movie, “I’ll be back” “Come with me if you want to live” stuff blows up, machines kill, etc.  But the way the story is executed leaves a lot to be desired, and learned at parts.  This movie has been marketed as a Bale vehicle, which is fine by me, but what we get is a story that is centered around Marcus rather than Connor.  It’s all marketings’ fault, why promise something that isn’t there?  The ending of the movie is almost lifted straight from T2, I get it, but comeon try to be your own movie.  What I really wanted to see was how the humans view Connor, how did he gain their respect?  Why is he just a soldier and not one of the big leaders?  I’m fine with that, but tell us why, instead of telling us that it is on screen as we read it… to ourselves.  Despite its problems, and lack of logic, I enjoyed the movie, even though at the end it turned in to Return of the Jedi.


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