night at the museum 2

Yesterday we saw Night at the Museum 2.  If you liked the first one you’ll like this one.  Ben Stiller and Amy Adams are great on screen.  The initial fear that I had about this sequel was the inclusion of more historical characters, on top of all the others that we already grew to know from the first one.  But that fear was put to rest quickly, we’re in a different museum and introduced to a whole new cast of characters, the characters from the first movie don’t play much of a role in this one.  But you don’t really miss them.  The story isn’t like the first one at all, where Ben Stiller had to learn about the special world of the museum’s night life, his journey was that of initiation, he had to earn his place in the museum.  The sequel is more of a good guy versus bad guy journey, more straight forward.  Regardless the movie is still packed with fun, excitement and laughs.  Will this family comedy hold up against Terminator this weekend, I want to say yes, we shall see.

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