me in star trek

So we finished the second part of the season final of Cold Case, the one with Dennis in it.  Let’s just say I was right, after the first episode I said it was Daniel Baldwin and that he had an accomplice.  Everyone thought it was Dennis, but they wrong, me right.
Saw Star Trek this weekend.  And I saw myself in the movie, see below.  Onto the movie itself, let me start off by saying… if you are a casual viewer of Star Trek, you will embrace this movie.  But if you have followed all the tv shows, and the movies, then you may possibly hate the new movie, and you will still hate the movie the fourth time you watch it.  It’s true of all Trekkies.  Without giving too much away, the movie was made by people who are fans of Star Trek, and it really really shows.  The casting and acting is great, they all some how channel the characters in a spooky way.  And having Leonard Nimoy, awesome.  This movie does something that Superman Returns failed to do, Star Trek acknowledges all that came before and still manages to create for itself a new world and new “reboot” to tell new stories in.  Amazingly done.  Now on to the bad, the Enterprise interior and exterior look is crap.  The bad guy ship is crap, and Kirk in the ice planet, very crap.  Oh and JJ… stop using your “Lost” font on everything.  Go see it, it’s not bad.


  1. awesomeness… hehehe… i haven’t watched it yet… but i was like “eugene’s in there… eugene’s in there!” hehehe… how are you doing?

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