dreamwave transformers


Just picked up Transformers Gen.1 Vol.2   I have to say it doesn’t follow the story line.  I think it’s just me, I’m always a stickler for detail and continuity.  I mean this Vol.2 goes way off from when the series ended to where the movie takes place, they said the comic is supposed to take place during that time period, but it’s just rewriting it.  Right now Transformers is so jacked up story wise, so many incarnations of Prime and Megatron fighting eachother with new incarnations of their minions, it’s just too much.  What this needs is common threads and linking story lines that make sense, it’s all there and it can be done.  In it’s current status Transformers reminds me a little bit of Gundam and it’s many incarnations, what are we to believe that all these shows and comics are alternate universes or dimensions?  Comeon now.  Oh and by the way that negative picture is of Allan, Me and Chris, on our road trip last year, I think that one was taken in San Francisco.  I think that’s how you spell it.


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