cradle to the grave…

If anyone has any inclinations to watch Cradle to the Grave, think AGAIN.  This movie tries to recreate the success and quality of Exit Wounds.  DMX can only play DMX.  In Exit Wounds he was nicely paired with Steven Seagal, so that worked, because of their characters.  But Jet Li is not Steven.  Jet Li being paired with DMX is not a good match.  ANd Kelly Hu, what were these people thinking?  I mean they are really trying to copy Exit Wounds, they have Tom Arnold and that other token fat black guy.  Oh and the guy that did the Crow tv series, man this movie reaks, the last scene where three fights were going on at the same time, and Jet Li in the middle of a ring of fire.  Dumb wires.  Too much wire fighting.  Enough said, all you need to know is don’t watch this movie, watch it when it first came out… when it was called Exit Wounds.


I remember now, I had a dream, I was dressed as my character and Zandry was with me, but we were on the same side, and we were in some building that was beingn built cause the floor wasn’t there.  It was like a reception place with a green blue look.  And it had a hallway that lead somewhere.  That’s all about I can remember



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