tears of the sun

Last night I watched Tears of the Sun.  Great movie.  hollywood did the Navy SEALs right this time, better than the Charlie Sheen movie.  I was impressed with the accuracy and detail that the movie had, from the uniforms to the weapons that they had.  Oh and how come there’s a trend where US forces are against Africa?  Is this the new enemy or something?


I just got back from my night class and the attendance has dropped considerably.  In that class there’s like these token people.  First off there’s the token black guy, and the token rasta white dude with dreds.  Then there’s a bunch of these characters, first off there’s like this chubby guy with glasses that has this voice and this loud laugh.  Then another guy with a nasal kinda sounding voice with noticable seperation between his teeth.  Then there’s the average asian with high standards and this I know everything attitude.  Ok enough.


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