48 hours of madness cont’d

Oh my goodnes the 48hours of Madness was just that.  But it was sooo fun.  Last night we went to the showing and entry of all the films for the Best Fest.  Man those guys need to get their act together.  But once things got rolling things were fine.  Most of the films were pretty much the same, following the script and stuff.  There were common themes, like some homosexual humor, for some reason everyone likes that, even two guys kissing, that was not cool.  Anyway our film went fourth, there were like 4 other from SWC.  I didn’t get to the see the last one from SWC but I would say ours was probably the technically sound one, all the other films had some sort of audio problems at one time or another.  And there was this one where people or things kept blowing up, what was the deal with that?  Oh and there was an Amish one, that was great.  I didn’t think anyone would change the script that drastically.  Ours was particularly funny, I had expressed my feelings about adding a gun in to the movie even before we got the script, and in the end it got the most laughs, so HUrrAHH for the gun.  If you know anything about me I got to have a gun.  I wish that they would’ve started earlier so that we could’ve stayed to watch all the other films, I really want to see them, by the end of the project I knew the lines of the enitre movie, oh and the whole last scene I added to make it better, which was a very good payoff, and Gerry’s score for the movie was great, very fitting to the whole project.  The actors were real cool.  I got to know Andy, Raul and Amber a little more.  Amber, I had in a class before and I never talked to her so I never knew that I would be talking Simpsons to her or having to direct her in a movie.  Oh and on the way home we were rocking out to STYX all of us were singing except Amber, hope he wasn’t to weirded out.  Raul is a cool guy too, lots of ideas in his head.  Andy has these quirks in the movie, it’s real funny cause he plays the nerd real good.  Too bad you couldn’t be with us as we did the Saturday night shot Arnold, guess you’ll just have to see it whenever we get it out of Gerry’s computer.  Oh yeah, thanks to Braulio for letting us use his house and thanks to Roy for the title graphic.


Song of the DAY: STYX – I’m Sailing Away


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