48 hours of madness

We started the 48 hours of madness last night.  I had to meet with the group after they went to the meeting cause of night class.  But they got the script and I met up with them then.  THe script leaves a lot more to be desired, so so much.  This guy Dave like wrote it in a matter of minutes or something.  Well the rules are that we can change it however we want, and that’s exactly what I did.  I took all the ideas of the group members and we came up with this crazzee movie.  And we started shooting it last night, I had to leave cause of church so for the most part I was directing it, and directing the actors and their lines.  Can’t wait to see what the group did the whole night.  Can’t wait to turn this in.


The shots we did tonight were great, I mean it looked awesome for a night shot.  I wish I had this much time to make my movie look real good at night.  Also i did some tuff editing, haha.  It was real harsh.  Can’t wait tomorrow when we score it.


  1. Hey eugene… yeah shawn and i watched the movie trailer and one of the clips. I liked it. Very cool. I think shawn did too but he’s a guy and not as vocal as I am. Have a good day!

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