watching the shield

Did you see The Shield last night???  Whoa some crazy stuff, Shane seems to always mess things up, but then he pulls through at the end of this episode.  I’m glad that I don’t have to worry about being shot or have these guys out to get me.


Have an attitude of gratitude.  Things are good, the Lord has not given me everything I’ve wanted but he has given me everything that I need, and for that I am greatful.


What’s the deal with people that look like thugs?  I mean you go to school to learn and not learn to fight, I mean just because you’re from the ghetto doesn’t mean you have you act it.  Or for those fakers who act ghetto, I mean comeon is that what people really want.  Do they want someone who is a fake?  I wish there was an award for “Toughest looking thug, but in reality nothing more than a fake piece of crap”  Man oh man would I be handing out that award left and right.  People listen up, let’s get rid of all the fakers and all the lyers, cause those people are fakers too. and make the world a better place.



  1. yah i did… i had green and blue… but e’ry year i gotta get new ones… this year i decided to get clear like a dumb ass… i dont like them… its cuz some peeps said they wanna see meeh wear clear… err meeh for ever listening to people… i usually dont listen to peeps… but this stupid time i did… and cost meeh my beautiful green eyes… heehee… dont worree… i’ll get new ones soon…
    i figured out it was yooh cuz of the peeps yooh talk about… and the things yooh talk about… heehee… sillee…

  2. hey to put peoples site yooh read… go to their xanga page… and on the rite… above their list… it should say “add to my list” or som’in like that… juss click that and the peeps should be added…

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